David Carr

 Last Thursday, David Carr died in the newsroom of The New York Times.  I'm going to miss him terribly.  His attitude was not the cozy-with-power-posturing of a Ben Bradlee, but a link to the Hecht and MacArthur wise guys in fedoras and the ink-stained wretches before them who knew where the bear shat in the buckwheat and were keen to tell you about it.  I expect he and his fellow hop-head, Samuel Coleridge, are already cranking out a radical journal with John Thelwall about goings-on in Heaven. Maybe they'll need a cartoonist, or a contributor to the children's activity page.

Satan Broads of TittField

If you're trying to translate a title like "Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!", you might as go all in. Or all out, as the case may be.

The 12 Billion Dollar Misunderstanding

"There were mistakes made in Iraq." Jeb Bush
Here's my personal favorite, a grifter's dream as no direct violence was involved, just a gym bag and a straight face: How the US Sent $12bn in Cash to Iraq, and Watched It Vanish

Blinded on the Right-- and the Left

Mass psychology time: I'm starting to understand the selective vision on the right as a funhouse mirror of old leftists who smelled Hitler coming, but somehow couldn't recognize Stalin and Mao for what they were. A key anecdote from Ronald Perlstein's Invisible Bridge: “Reagan is on the radio [during the fall of Saigon], talking about the USS Midway rescuing widows and orphans on the high seas in Vietnam. And you can almost hear it and you can almost hear yourself say, ‘Oh. That’s what the USS Midway was doing in Southeast Asia in the ‘60s and ‘70s. It was rescuing widows and orphans.”

The More Fool I

Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created the Sentinels and the zealot Bolivar Trask when I was ten years old. Then I outgrew simple "comic book morality". I scoffed at scenarios about religious fanatics seizing power in the United States, of corporations replacing sovereign nations, of killer drones, of disasters manufactured for media consumption. I may have been more naive at twenty than I was at ten.