"Necon Bloging" Defined as a Mental Disorder

from the DSM-IV
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Latent repressed homosexuality and gynophobia, with racism virus outbreaks under stress. Hatred of the poor, hatred of self, hated of injured or damaged people described as "victims", self-hatred, and hatred of those sympathetic or supportive of "victims".
To meet the criteria for this disease, persons must exhibit three or more of the following:
1) The use of the word "pussy" as an epithet, meaning somehow unmanly. It is striking that these sufferers would try to insult others by identifying them with a part of the female anatomy that average adults have always been rather fond of.
2)The use of "faggot" in the list of political insults. It is remarkable that people suffering from this syndrome use references to homosexuality as the sine qua non of insults, the worst thing you can call another man-- worse, apparently, than drug abuse, perjury, stealing old ladies' pensions, taking bribes, ignorance, indifference, slander and libel, race-baiting, contempt of congress, consorting with the enemy, poisoning the soil and water, hypocrisy, draft-dodging, gun crimes, weapons-trading, neglect, cocaine and alcohol abuse, religious intolerance, etc., et alia.
Neocon Blog Babblers are fascinated by other men's penises, and what they might be doing with those penises. A state referendum was passed in Michigan to deny employee benefits to men who play with other men's penises, whereas most heterosexual males rarely think about other men's penises, with the exception of urologists, artists, and tailors. Phallocentric courtesies such as "How they hanging?" or "Do you dress to the left or the right, sir?" are lost on them.
3)These sufferers will sometimes combine their fear and revulsion regarding women and male homosexuals. The resulting complex of emotions will confuse the sufferer until he has no recourse but to resort to epithets like "liberal".
4)Up until the 1980's, the political term "liberal" was not considered derogatory, outside of certain right-wing fringe groups. It was the sinister but sunny actor, lifeguard and General Electric spokesmodel Ronald Reagan, showing signs of Alzeheimer's while still in office, that made it socially acceptable to denigrate someone for being "liberal", i.e., tolerant of divergent beliefs.
Ironically, the "laissez faire" or "live and let live" attitude of liberalism was applied by followers of Reagan to the economy and business practices. The hypocrisy inherent in a "free market" full of sweetheart deals went unnoticed.
5) Sufferers show an inability to step outside of this complex of assumptions and prejudices long enough to vote for the long-term good of their country. They defend against self-knowledge of this contradiction by loudly proclaiming their patriotism and questioning the patriotism of dissenters.
6) Cognitive dissonance, a gap between what is said and what is done, to a remarkable degree. A candidate need not increase funding for schools to hire more qualified math and science instructors, so long as he SAYS he wants "No Child Left Behind." A candidate need not actually defend our shores, so long as he owns guns and is PERCEIVED to be "tough". Wouldn't it be great if all those business majors and politicians' kids were given the same chance to defend their country that the kids in Flint and East St. Louis were given? We would pay real money to see Tucker Carlson scrambling for cover. (How did he become a television pundit? Was it something like Brett Summers being declared a "celebrity" on the Match Game?)
Lastly (for now) we must face the clinical difficulties in trying to reason patients afflicted with neocon virus. Like alcoholics and other addicts, they are not grateful to those who might point out their flaws. Instead we see a classic pattern of denial, anger, projection, even outbreaks of self-righteous violence. They even resent those who might have more facts at hand as "pointy-headed", "snooty", "elite", etc.
The decision to close their minds seems to occur at an early age-- inheriting the resentment of the parents, being snubbed by liberal girls at a dance, the belief that someone wants to spoil their fun with guns, etc. Since their ideas cannot hold their own in a marketplace of ideas without first discrediting the opposition, they band together with people who already agree with their world view. The campaign of disinformation that brought them to this position of power would make the old Comintern blush.
It saddens us when once respectable conservatives hitch their wagon to the neocon star; like Colorado Avalanche fans, these conservatives are so desperate to be winners, they tolerate the neocons' thuggery as a necessary evil. We simply don't know if this obtuseness, i.e. willful ignorance, is genetic or environmental. The future is dark, though lit by many eager fools. There is no known cure, but is there Hope?

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