If A Social Darwinist Dies, Should Any of Us Care?

Let's assume for just a moment that these Social Darwinists are correct, and it was the poor people's own damn fault they were caught when Ponchatrain broke through the levee that was neglected by their own local government.

Can you also defend the federal government's abandonment of the doctors and nurses who stayed at their posts? By the end of the week, medical personnel were giving one another IVs in order to stay hydrated. These professionals were just as abandoned as the "losers" in the stadiums. Their own fault for not getting out in time, right?

Let's blame the children in the stadium, too-- probably their fault for being born to lazy parents. And the old ladies, and the diabetics and the asthmatics.

I would respect your rather nasty attitude more if you would honesly come out as a worshiper of Odin or some other pagan god. Republicans, stop pretending that Christianity motivates your political beliefs in any fashion.

How sad that your entire political philosophy is an elaborate defense for your own meanness, your cruelty and small mindedness. It is only by the grace of God, inherited wealth, family connections and conservative blindness that your own coke addled, "reformed" alcoholic president isn't out there with his shirt off, whoopin' and lootin' with the rest of the "losers" along the Gulf. It could be your turn next week.

You sad assholes, New Orleans is a great city, and in spite of its horrendous flaws and your disapproval, it deserves to live and laugh again.


Anonymous said...

No, we shouldn't care because it was part of evolution. N.O. will revive. It might not be in my lifetime, but it will exist. Did you see the comment from Barbara Bush commenting that she hoped the refugees wouldn't stay in Texas?
Here they are hoping they will stay to offset the Hispanics. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how the Repubs can blame the local government for not fixing the levees. The locals been telling the feds for YEARS that they need money to raise the sinking levees because they'd be screwed if they got hit by a Category 3 hurricane or larger, but ol' Dubya was too busy spending the money they needed and thinking of how to use "protecting Americans" as an excuse to go to war than actually doing something to protect actual Americans. Now the Repubs want to shift the blame to the (coincindentally Democratic) governement officials of New Orleans and Louisiana. Would they be spouting the same crap if the Mayor of New Orleans and Governor of Lousiana were Repubs too?

Ormondroyd's Encyclopedia Esoterica said...

For more on the delightful Barbara, see the entry above; her remarks have earned her a coveted nomination for the "Flaming Asshole of the Week Award"! Don't get your hopes too high; competition is fierce in this administration.