God-damnit, Turdblossom, git on out of there now... One of you fellas want to give me a hand? He's crawled up there to hide and he won't come out.

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Ormondroyd's Encyclopedia Esoterica said...

Post-Libby indictment: I'll be much surprised if "Turdblossom" (what kind of a man works for a man who calls him that?) is indicted.

Grima Wormtongue-- I mean Karl Rove-- may be an Orwellian nightmare, but his thing is SKILLFUL manipulation of perception, and this thing with Plame and Wilson was ineptly done, clumsy, and obvious, an amateur night payback. Unless Rove is so skilled that he DELIBERATELY made it look clumsy to throw Fitzgerald off the trail...

I speak only as a student of human behavior; I'll not be caught up in the "who's next" game until we actually have something from Fitzgerald (although wonkette.com is good fun on the subject:
"Scooter Libby: soooo getting pardoned!")

Someone who HAS spent some time thinking about this, Steve Gilliard at The News Blog, stevegilliard.blogspot.com,
makes these excellent points:

"Everyone is chomping at the bit over a Rove indictment and missing the point. Yes, everyone would like to see that turd get his comeuppance and be frogmarched out of the White House. It would make for great theater.

"....But after the emotional satisfaction, what we really have is a man protecting his boss. He would have smeared you if it was to protect Bush. He wasn't plotting to run Iraq, he didn't care who ran it unless it made Bush look good. Jail would suit him fine, but he's only a part of this.

".... this is about national security, and while I know a lot of people want to hammer Bush through Rove .... if you eventually want to get to the forgeries and the lies which led us into war, the route lies through Dick Cheney and his man Scooter and not Rove and Bush."

While we're at it, the Jungian in me is struck by Libby's crutches. The puppy with an injured leg, who only months ago strode the world like a vicarious Colossus, now hobbles about. Is this one of those synchronous events where a mental state is matched by an external event?

Cheney himself just had some work on aneurysms behind the knees, probably from living a life where he was never forced to kneel. I don't mean that as praise; the world would be a happier place if such men learned a little humility before they made decisions about the lives of others.