The War We're Going to Inherit

Here at Water Street Coffee Joint in Kalamazoo, the rally posters all call for the complete withdrawal of Americans from Iraq. I hate this war. I was against it before it started. I call for the discarded limbs from this war to clutch at the bedclothes and crawl over George W. Bush in his sleep.
And yet, and yet-- it horrifies me to say this-- the call for immmediate withdrawl strikes me as naive, self-righteous and every bit as monstrous as the initial attack. Having trashed the place, ruined their infrastructure and shot their grandma, we now say to the Iraquis, "aw man, we're sorry we wrecked your house..." and then leave? This is the morality of drunken frat boys, and wasn't that who got us into Iraq in the first place?
Damn him to a hell of nightmares for leaving us in this position. There have to be a few Democrats who are wondering, damn, are we SURE we want to win this next election? We may never get the pee smell out of the cushions in the White House.

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Anonymous said...

I'll buy the Febreeze to get the funk out! Dee Ann