But Don't Take It Out In Public Or They'll Throw You In the Dock

Katie Rees, defrocked Miss Nevada: “I challenge those individuals to look back on their pasts and not find something they did to humiliate themselves or that they deeply regret—especially during their teenage years. I am very embarrassed by the situation. Regardless, such a brief and distant lapse in judgment does not warrant my loss of the title I worked so hard to achieve. I want to thank my family, true friends, and God, who have already forgiven me. I can only hope that the public will be as kind.”

The saddest thing about our culture is that she has apparently retreated into God Forgiving Her (for what? being young?) instead of celebrating the spirit of Carnival. So long as no one was hurt, infected, or injured in a drunken car crash, who the fuck cares? Having lived a full life, I can report to those of you knitting at home that young women will drink too much and bare too much and young men will sneak a peek. Is the Miss Nevada pageant pretending that their donkey parade ISN'T about sexual displays by young women? The young men in the crowd appear to be age-appropriate; would her father rather have a great moralist like Donald Trump squinting at her decolletage?

The photos are not to my taste but I'm more disgusted by the virginal American media pretending to be offended. This is the new scarlet letter: a society that winks at merchants of death and worships ruthless wealth but suddenly cannot countenance a bare bum. Nevada, for God's sweet sake?

Oh, I see. She didn't display her tatas and coochie within socially defined parameters. Does this foofaraw remind anyone of the ancients' fearful suppression of the Dionysian cults?

I'm wasting my breath being frustrated by the things the mainstream media wastes its breath over.


Anonymous said...

What erks me even me is "The Donald" and Rosie O'Donnell's brew-ha=ha about morality. Rosie is right. Loud, but correct in pointing out that how come someone so immoral can pick on a youth? The infamous red herring logic --"look over there, not at the man behind the curtain."
God forgives her "for being young?" Oh please!
Yes this does remind me of the suppression of the Dionysian cults. Look out world --girls go commando too.
The pendelum is swinging back to the left so the RIGHT is screaming. Maybe there will be more money for the schools again??
Health care? Human rights -
Good article in Pyschology Today about the psychology of being a liberal or conservative. Conservatives were very scared young children //kinda autistic in having to have everything in black and white. Liberals accept gray.
Smile, Dee Ann

Ormondroyd's Encyclopedia Esoterica said...

Glad you're back; I was starting to worry you and your horses had gotten lost in a freak snowstorm.
But "more money for the schools"...! You're so cute when you're high...

Anonymous said...

Must be the altitude --I am in a "mile high' city. Arizona is not just retirees/// I was talking to a Spec. Ed Director originally from out East who asked me what is it with the students here? Nobody local aspires to go to any major colleges. They just lay back and take what they can get. What happened to the bloodline of the early settlers who pushed ahead and made things happen? Did they all die out/ ??
Frozen but able to buy bottled water. Dee Ann