Anonymous said...

What were they thinking? Shades of 'War Between the Worlds'??
Too many people are ready to panic and jump off the cliff like lemmings. Will the world really have an acpocholypse (sp) in 2012?
Too many advertisers preying on our fears....
Getting a moon burn, Dee Ann

Ormondroyd's Encyclopedia Esoterica said...

It only adds to the humiliation that Ignignokt and Err are always ripping on Earth like high school snobs:

Ignignot: You and your third dimension.
Frylock: What about it?
Ignignot: Oh nothing, it's cute. We have five.
Err: Th-thousand.
Ignignot: Yes, five thousand.
Err: Don't question it!
Frylock: Oh yeah? Well, I only see two.
Ignignot: Well that sounds like a personal problem.

I understand the cops' frustration, but I'm more than a little sympathetic with the goofs that put up the signs. The Mooninites were installed in 10 other cities without undue hysteria. I'm guessing someone in Boston worked themselves into a panic, ignored chain of command and started yelling "terrorist threat" into a cell phone. Hizzoner tha Mayor wants to put somebody, anybody in prison for making them all look foolish.

Anonymous said...

Buy stock in the Lite Brite company! I for one have just been reminded that they make the perfect gift for anyone.