Why Wayne's E-Mails Get Opened First

At 09:05 13-8-2007, jonalgiers@ wrote:
My name is Wayne Allen Sallee and I see several books reprinted in Dutch that I am in (YEARS BEST HORROR). I would like to purchase copies of anything you might have with my work, as I was never informed of the foreign sales.
Thank you in advance.
Wayne Allen Sallee

In a message dated 8/27/2007 3:00:40 P.M. Central Daylight Time, Kees Buis writes:
Dear Wayne,
According to my information I have two anthologies with a story of you in it.
"De beste horror verhalen van het jaar" published by Loeb in 1988 with your story "De ballentent"
"De beste horror verhalen van het jaar" published by Loeb in 1989 with your story "Bloed tussen de regels"
Freely translated the first story would be something like "The Tent of Balls"; the second would be "Blood Between the Lines".
With kind regards,
Kees Buis

In the name of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, can anyone tell me what story I could POSSIBLY have written that freely translates as Tent of Balls? What, when, how.....? These crazy foreign editions, especially the ones I don't know exist and never got paid for.....


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Jef Burnham said...

I undoubtedly will lose sleep, trying not to laugh about "The Tent of Balls." That belongs on some sort of Engrish.com site for sure.