As Plain as the Balls in Your Face

"Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose."
"Well, there goes your social life."

The Teabaggers' complaints about Obama's tax plan-- after years of taking it up the yinyang from both Bushes, giving tax cuts 'til it hurts to the richest people in America, then resenting the poor-- reminds me of Mark Twain's comment about the difference between a man and a dog.

The group hug for the bad craziness of Sarah Palin, and the ratfuck Republican co-opting of Teabagger rage, reminds us again that there are some things a rat just won't do.

I do think that the Obama administration will be complicit in its own undoing, if Obama persists in getting Wall Street's stank all over himself. It may be that the Bush-induced bailout couldn't be helped, but Obama has the college professor's knack for not knowing what goes on in the trenches between people's ears. As a public school teacher, who wrestles daily with ignorance, I've seen a lot of his manner at academic conferences, and too many times seen progressives wrest defeat from victory.

You can't scold people for ignorance if you let others educate them. The working class joins the far-right for the same reason orphaned children join gangs; no one else bothers to give a shit. Twice a week, my little country school hosts military recruiters, twice a year I get offers for a free classroom set of Ayn Rand, something Howard Zinn and his admirers never bothered to do.

There are amusing compensations. Was there ever a time when a nude model, impersonating a political figure, sounded more qualified than the political figure she was impersonating? Submitted for your approval, a reasonably safe-for-work interview (warning, some artifical cleavage involved) with "Lisa Ann":
"... This was more of a political piece, so people were asking me my political views and why I did this or that. It wasn’t as much about the sex and it wasn’t as ridiculed as I’ve seen on some mainstream television."

Did you ever have any hesitations about doing the movie?

"Honestly, I didn’t like Sara Palin. I got a chance to do something I felt strongly about. She was just so ridiculous. Such an easy target."

Compare Lisa Ann's syntax with any unscripted speech by Caribou Barbie, and tell me who gets a C and who gets a D-. I don't think we've seen such a topsy-turvy world since Nell Gwynn led the British aristocracy around by the... well, I guess we could call it a nose.

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