Can Commercialism Bestow A Soul?

(After reference to Albert Camus as an authentic "Cool Guy"):

A memorial hall for the Seriously Cool Guys of History does indeed exist, next door to the subway tunnel discovered by
Billy Batson containing the spirits of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury.  
Modern attempts to make actors, politicians and businessmen “cool” are presumptuous, like putting a horn on a
horse and calling it a unicorn.  The puff pieces written about Kenneth Lay and
Donald Rumsfeld before their collapse would gag a maggot.  This effort by journalists and publicity hacks to bestow Coolness is just another attempt by capitalism to make everything and everyone into a “brand name” or commodity.

It would seem that since we have "dethroned God and put up a shekel in his place" (Twain), we have given our economic system, and its griots and bards, the advertising men, the abilty to bestow "soul", coolness, onto an inaminate lump that didn't posses it before. But will all the media attention be enough to make any of them a Real Boy?

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