Kill All the People You Want, but Cover Your Breasts, for God's Sake!

And You Ask What Has Driven Me Mad Dept.

From an unsigned editorial today in
  • The New York Times

  • ".... A game like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a lot to tell us, most of it unpalatable, about how American culture looks through certain eyes. But so does the reaction to this modification and the scenes it exposes. As always in America, sex and nudity create the scandals, not systemic violence..."

    Way back in the Stone Age, Lenny Bruce complained about the response to Hitchcock's "Psycho", and a culture wherein violence was okay but nudity was verboten. I first grasped this when the moneymaker "Jaws" was rated PG and the much more humane "Harry and Tonto" was given an R rating for language and incidental nudity. More anecdotes on the phenomenon
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  • I suspect a cultural historian could find the same hypocrisy going back at least as far as the Stanford White murder, when America cared less about Harry Thaw kiling a man than about the seduction of Evelyn Nesbitt.

    Some of this weird kink in the American psyche is invented, whipped up by the entertainment media, looking for a sex scandal to enliven its stories. Sometimes the lip smacking is inconsequential, like the discovery that Janet Jackson is a mammal. Sometimes it harms the republic itself, as with the time wasted on the Lewinsky affair.

    It should be noted that my own storytelling sometimes includes graphic sex and graphic violence, the former reserved for the heroes and the latter usually practised by villains. Cruelty to animals and innocent people upsets and enrages me as a monstrous aberration, but sexual activity as just another part of life's rich pageant. Sex and violence in the media are on a continum, like good cooking and bad cooking.

    WHAT DRIVES ME MAD is the willful naievety of the American parent. "Grand Theft Auto" and "GTA: San Andreas" have been played in basements for donkey's years, and now the Righteous Outrage of Suburban Motherhood has only just awakened, because someone discovered that sex was involved-- not the imaginary killing of thousands-- and how many Iraquis HAVE been killed so far, in a war none of them volunteered for--? Does anyone else see a pattern?

    From a posting by "CJs Girl" at
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  • message board:
    "Many things affects your sex appeal [within the GTA game]. The clothes you wear, the hairstyle you have, the car you last drove, how many and which types of tatoos you have. For the hairstyle, I'd pick the most expensive. Cornrows are good sex appeal hair cuts. The blonde CornRow is really good for sex appeal. Afro's are good too and the High Afro is too. When you get to the big city where the casino's are you can get Elvis styled hair, which is excellent for sex appeal. The car can be the best cars you can find. Each type of car lowers or brings up your sex appeal. Back tatoos give the most sex appeal. Don't have too many tatoos, because that can bring down your sex appeal, because you will be "full of ink". I guess the women don't like too many tatoos. I think 3 should be the limit if that. For the clothes: low top shoes give you more respect, which can help with sex appeal a little. I think when you wear the hat or cap backwards it brings more sex appeal. I think sideways does well too. I think when you buy clothes from the more popular clothing stores, it brings up your sex appeal. ZIP clothing stores work well and I think Binco works just as good. Didier Sachs works best from what I have heard, but I haven't gotten that store open yet. Make sure to have plenty of style. I buy all of the clothes available at each store I open to when I get to a dressing room at a Safe House I can have a variety of clothes to choose from. Your local Grove Street Gang Members help you out with your outfits. They'll tell you what they like and what they don't." ***

    *** Readers are strongly advised not to ask sociopathic killers for fashion hints while engaged in reality.

    One of these fantasies is destroying America in the mind of YOUR innocent baby right now.

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