Provence, Three

Photos by Patricia Relf Hanavan with exception of the Alpine marmot; look for her books at
1) Yelling at beggars from the window of Michel and Maureen's house in Vergons. Built in the 1700s along a winding street.2) "Ils sont fou, ces Americans." 2) Former Congo bush pilot Gilbert supervises truly dangerous animals: Americans moving a sleeper couch. This room had been used as a smoke room for hams; Michel, Bridget and Maureen cleaned, painted, papered, and dug out the beams, floor installed by Michel et moi.
3) People all around the world, they'll be dancing in the gitte...
4) Wedding gifts: every home should have one.5) Maureen teaches Bill the forbidden Nipple Dance.
6) Mike Martin on the Fossil Hunt, wearing Ann Anson's hat against the sun; a touching Victorian moment, posed in a meadow as "The Flower Fairy".
7) A complaint was made about the profound lack of nymphs and dryads bathing in the ancient springs; Louise attempts to make up for this.
8) B., Pat and Bill, with a Provencal marmot in an Alpine hat that yodels when you squeeze it.

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