An AP article tells us that Feingold's and Conyers' talk about censure and impeachment is raising their populararity with Democratic voters, but not with party functionaries.

The theory is that too much talk about censure will incite the Republican faithful to swarm to Bush's defense. News flash: the Republican faithful would swarm to Bush's defense if he were caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl. The censure proposal is supposed to hurt, not help, the Democrats in the House and Senate election. It distracts from Bush's other troubles, it delights the RNC. Don't make them mad, the Leiberman Democrats say, or rather, whine, as if Feingold was angry at Bush for lying about a friendly blowjob instead of merely subverting the Constitution, killing thousands, suspending habeas corpus, ordering warrantless searches, legalizing torture and driving the nation into a ditch.

One wonders at what point the Democratic Party WOULD speak up for the Constitution and the preservation of the Republic.

Feingold responds in the article: "I welcome their attempt to make a campaign issue of the question of whether there will be accountability for the president's breaking the law," he said. "They will remind people every minute that the president thumbed his nose at the law."

What are the Democrats waiting for? Will they take a stand only when they have a majority? This cowardice masquerading as caution is worse than contemptuous. L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!

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Anonymous said...

More like a french farce... Ah Moliere. Sigh, Dee Ann