6,500,000 People Can Be Wrong

A stupefying concept, buried in an AP story about Geena Davis' ABC show "Commander-In-Chief":
"'if elected to another season uh, term,' Davis joked, 'whatever I can do to make change happen quicker in the fake world, I promise to do.' Poll results don't look promising. The show ranked No. 64 in the Nielsen Media Research rankings last week, with 6.5 million viewers."

6,500,000 people watch a show, but that's NOT ENOUGH to keep it on the air??? I've never seen the show and am indifferent to its fate, but what kind of a culture can we expect from an industry that, on a daily basis, has to please more than SIX MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND AND ONE HUMAN BEINGS AT THE SAME TIME??? I cannot conceive of anything I do or would WANT to do that would entertain that many people, short of broadcasting baby animals.

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Anonymous said...

Ah but you would entertain that many --not all at the same time mind you--with your writing. Smile, Dee Ann