SO, SO SILVER AGE, a Literary Blog Worth Reading

"So, So Silver Age" is consistently one of the best written literary blogs; their insights have much to say about the rest of the world and not just to the sealed atmosphere of Otaku Land. Pay them a visit HERE.
This comment from me may be of wider interest to my fellow soldiers in the Culture Wars:
"As a lifelong Marvel guy I here publicly confess that DC has become the better company. Over the past couple of years, the tone of Marvel's flagship titles have become more and more vile, from the swiftboating of Gwen Stacy to the obscenity of "Marvel Zombies". The creators at Marvel seem intent on inflicting their own neuroses on the rest of us, no matter what it does to their bottom line-- "Emma Frost" in paperback is a HUGE hit with the high school girls, but I couldn't give the original away because of the cheesecake covers that had no relevence to the material inside."

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Franny said...

Thank you so much for your positive evaluation of SSSA. It means the world to me and Amy.

As one responder to your comment on my Barbie comics entry asked, I would be interested to see your take on what comics you would reccomend to your students as a post in its own right as opposed to mentioned in a reply to mine. Anyway, if you were to make such a post I would link to it.