Obligatory Exciting Underwear Post

News comes from Israel of a rabbi's tomb adorned with women's underwear. Apparently, women who visit the tomb of Rabbi Yenothan Ben Uziel will meet their true love and marry within a year. Some try to speed up the process by leaving a pair of underwear, which as you might expect, greatly disturbs the dignity and repose of the Judeo-Christian tradition.
A lesser man might have illustrated this story with a sensible pair of granny panties. I'm just happy for any excuse to post another image of eternal dream girl Justine Greiner, Miss February of 1984,sans culottes.

If this be evidence of idolatry and goddess worship, make the most of it. In my religion, there's still room for the Mother, Maiden and Crone alongside the Nymph.

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Wayne Allen Sallee said...

You and your Justine. Me and my Sally Duberson. The rabbi and his underwear. I was in a bar in the desert near the California border where you got a free drink if you threw your tie onto the rafters. Too bad I came in wearing my Elvis jumpsuit. The black one.