Florida White Sale

A Florida man named Andy Lacasse, claiming to be a Korean War veteran and registered Democrat, put a sign on his front lawn accusing Barack Obama of being a sturdy cotton fabric of plain weave.


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen it here yet? Do see protesters on the walk around the court house. Am expecting it with all the "old cowboys" out here. There is already a regular "village idiot" who has a van with slander and nasties written on it about "Jews" and "Israel" who parks at the court house and starts fights on 'Whiskey Row'.

Ashamed to say I Live in Arizona,
which was rated rock bottem (50) on scale for education in America.
On a good note,have you read the article written by Eve Ensler on Palin yet?

Dee Ann

jef said...

Some people are just so angry, but don't have the prerequisite half a brain to express themselves. So, so sad.