My Kind of News Day

Congress tightened control of interstate monkey sales (good) but forgot to include a provision for trained caupuchin helper monkeys (bad). One lonely strip club on Bourbon Street (the French Quarter being on high ground, remember) remains open in spite of the hurricane, but only at half-staff (Bada-BING!). And regardless of John McCain's fantasy life, the invasion of Iraq is still so FUBAR that the first major oil contract between Iraq and a foreign country went to China instead of the U.S.; this administration can't even do "Blood for Oil" right.

I'm recovering with coffee and a copy of Burne Hogarth's Drawing Wrinkles and Drapery after a week of extroversion: getting ready for school on Tuesday, out for live music almost every night including a terrific performance by E.C. Scott at the new 411 Blues Club in town and a life-changing performance by Zion Lion on the downtown mall, and finally an Obama/Biden rally in Battle Creek. But mostly I like confounding the search engines with an entry like this. Whoever typed 'strippers', 'helper monkey', 'Barack Obama', 'Burne Hogarth' and 'the blues' into Google-- I was born to love you.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

The only way to have fonfounded them better would have been to add Sailor Moon into the mix. That always seems to throw Rumsfeld off when he's reading my blog.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Um, CONfounded them. Fonfounded is a derivitive of Fin Fang Foom!

Michael Fountain: Blood for Ink said...

You know I love that big guy! Fin Fang Foom-- cracking the Great Wall of China like a whip, get down wit' your Bad Self!