Election Night

One more thing Sarah Palin doesn't understand; we're not "ashamed to be American", we're embarrassed to share it with people who shoot wolves from planes.
"Vote Early-- Vote Often": In his memoir Groucho and Me, Groucho Marx tells a story about Tammany Hall days, when his father and grandfather, poor immigrant Jews the rest of the year, would dress in their best clothes and be chauffeured down to the Hall for the election. They would come back smoking cigars, with vest pockets full of cigars, one for every time they voted. "Democracy is a great thing, Julius," his grandfather would explain.
Gore Vidal and others are so nervous about electoral fraud, they've posted an open letter calling for Obama to not concede the election.
Pixies friendly to Wonkette have somehow, um, hacked into John McCain's website.
Friends Pat and Bill are tucking in early, Patricia having worn herself to a frazzle stumping for Barry. I suspect it was guilt made her put in an extra day.
Pat was one of the Michigan volunteers selected to receive a personal phone call from the senator thanking her for her efforts, but when she tried putting the call on speaker phone so we could listen in, she accidentally hung up on him. Howls of dismay mixed with semi-hysterical laughter. If Obama concedes Michigan, you know who tipped the scales.
Me, I voted first thing thing this morning (half an hour early, and 20th in line). I had been looking forward to the parties downtown at the Radisson and District 211, or Challie Murphey's, or whatever-the-hell they're calling it. Now I'm tempted to stay in, like New Year's Eve, and watch it all with a cat or two in relative comfort.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out--and the reminder of the NEARLY forgotten debacle of that Saturday night! --Pat

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I know I can't do it justice, but someday I hope there is a book written about election night in Chicago, leading up to the pollas closing. The electricity here was incredible and still hard to explain...

Word Verification: pervo. I do not lie.

Michael Fountain: Blood for Ink said...

Word Verification: pervo? Coals to Newcastle.