Animals are the Children of Fortune: "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

The Incredible Hulk, rampaging defender of the small and helpless, and author of
  • Hulk's Diary That Is On The Internet
  • and artists like the pin-up master
  • Adam Hughes
  • have been raising money to help an injured cat. She's been nicknamed "Savannah Fogg" after the weather conditions and the road where she was struck by a hit and run driver.

    The kind people who found her have a site
  • here for updates on her progress .
  • She is described as "a very sweet cat, who still tries to purr and knead her blankets when you pet her even though she must be in incredible pain." The veterinarian at the address below has been treating her free of charge but she needed a specialist to pin her jaw together.

    Please send as little or as much as you can to North Laurel Animal Hospital and indicate on the memo line "Savannah Fogg".
    Donations may be sent to:
    North Laurel Animal Hospital
    9105 Suite P All Saints Rd.
    Laurel, MD 20723
    (phone: 301-953-7387)

    NEWS AS OF NOVEMBER 12, 2005
    Evidently she's been able to come home for a weekend but still can't eat on her own. Still very sweet-natured. I'd rather model myself after her than a parade of prattling bipeds.

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