[ED. NOTE: Author Wayne Allen Sallee (bibliography here), a friend (or at least, not a mortal enemy) of this institution, has been absent from his unusual haunts such as the Red Lion pub, and the Twilight Tales writers' group. Several offshore pornography sites have expressed concern about his credit card status.
The mystery has deepened with the discovery of these disturbing images and the following obscure message posted to Mr Sallee's own web log, Meanwhile, @ Stately Wayne Manor]:

"I might as well be on the run seeing as how I've been out of contact with just about everybody for the past three and a half weeks.
"... how humorous it might seem that I am the only passenger the bus driver leaves off at the I-94 interchange, as if I was hastily avoiding a roadblock further up near the Cal-Sag Bridge. The top photo shows how I then descend to the street below and walk towards my job at a dead end street in an industrial park.
"... and the cars driving along I-94 towards Indiana still scratch their heads at the guy with the satchel and jacket, most drivers not know there is a bus stop sign there."

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Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I love this, you son of a bitch. Considering how I've been feeling, this is better than Vicoden, Cialis, and DayQuil dissolved in Welch's Mango Lime Twist.