Put Not Your Faith in Foley

Yeah, I see him over there: that shivering yellow dog with a hopeful look on his face and the tip of his tail wagging. No matter how many times he's been kicked, he keeps inching forward, hoping that this time he'll get a handout instead of a kick and a cross word.

No, wait-- that's not a kicked dog, that's a Democrat.

I am not optimistic about the coming election. The conventional blather seems to think that the Foley scandal will discourage the Republican base, but I think the press is sniffing its own butt on this one and mistaking consensus for wisdom. A more realistic poll described on NPR this week shows that Christian conservatives have no intention of crossing over to the Democrats. They see Foley as an abberation, not a symptom. Yes, Hastert and the leadership fumbled the ball-- okay, bad choice of words there-- but the Republican Party still holds its own-- another regrettable phrase-- when it comes-- um-- to what the Christian Right really cares about:
Other People's Abortions, Other People's Dicks, and Making a Big Show of What a Good Christian You Are.

If the events of the past SIX YEARS won't make them change their vote, why would this relatively bloodless scandal have any effect? I'm willing to be proved wrong, but polls don't always match the people that actually show up to vote on a rainy day, and who needs votes when you've got Dielbold?

A old Washington joke describes an incumbent as a shoo-in "unless he's caught with a dead girl or a live boy." The media is all over the Foley story like wasps to sugar water, but this scandal is NOT an October gift to Democrats. It is a blessing in disguise for the Republican party, a freakshow distraction from far more substantial problems.

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