Sometimes Mean Is All You've Got

Karl Rove, known to the president as Turd Blossom, is not especially worried about the midterm election. He even claims to have done the math to predict "a Republican House and a Republican Senate"; that is, in spite of all the public expressions of disgust, that disgust won't actually translate into votes for Democrats.

I hope he's wrong, but won't be surprised if there are no substantial changes in the governance of our country. The reporters of the popular press no longer think, they swarm like schools of small fish, and they've got themselves convinced that the Democrats are going to win the House, take the Senate, and act as a control on Boy King George.

I'm expecting a few seats to change hands, but not nearly enough to inspire a sea change. The Democrats will congratulate themselves on election night, and on the following morning there will bitter accusations from the losers, but when the dust clears, there will still be quislings voting with the president.

We need a two-thirds majority to override presidential vetoes and restore habeas corpus. I'm not sure we'll get that.

So Rove smiles his Uriah Heep smile and fingers the lettering on his "I LOVE DIEBOLD BECAUSE DIEBOLD LOVES ME" gift mug. The nation is in peril and a majority of Americans despise this administration, but when you're an ugly wet rat trapped in a corner, all you've got left is mean-- and Rove and the Bush family have never been wanting for meanness of spirit.

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Stewart Sternberg said...

I know the pundits are enthusiastically predicting a Democratic victory, but I remain skeptical. I just don't think it's going to happen.

So...I'm listening to Sean Hannity in my car. He's interviewing Ms. Rice and says Rove and Cheney will be up next. I'm thinking...what the hell????

Then I listen to the real news on CNN (did I mention I have XM Radio) and apparently there was a publicity event on the White House lawn for talk show hosts. Wait...let's be more accurate...for right wing Nazi talk show hosts. I'll betcha O'Reilly had to relieve Hannity between interviews.

Did I just say that?

Ormondroyd's Encyclopedia Esoterica said...

He has to relieve Hannity during those marathon stroke sessions because his poor little arm gets tired.