Apparently, There ARE Some Things That Even a Maggot Will Gag At

Before we congratulate Rupert Murdoch for stepping in and cancelling the O.J. Simpson bookdeal, let us remember that this was not done in a fit of good taste but as an economic decision, disaster control after the universal outrage started to outpoll any potential profit.

And again, it underscores my argument that the factions in the "Culture Wars" are aiming at the wrong target. It is not liberalism or atheism that has vugarzed popular culture, it is capitalism and the profit incentive. And neither side, not the religious right or the limousine liberals is simply not ready to reject teh assumptions of capitalism. Much easier to blame an amorphous "they" for the murder as entertainment on television, tabloid news instead of detailed stories, and smarmy sitcoms as afterschool babysitters.

UPDATE: Judith Regan, who brokered the deal, was fired from Harper Collins December 15th, no doubt with a severance package that will let her go on to better things.

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