Will Nancy Pelosi Teach George Bush Some Manners?

It's a little early for a mash note to Nancy Pelosi, but isn't it fine to hear a politician interviewed without expressions of false piety, misplaced arrogance or calling the opposition a band of traitors? When asked a question she doesn't want to answer, she tells the interviewer it would not be politic or prudent to answer, instead of accusing the reporter of stupidity for daring to ask such a question.

And what a world is this, where the popinjay-in-chief is learning to speak of bi-partisan cooperation without accusing half the American population of hating America? Again and again, he has shown himself to be a bully who knows no law until someone slaps him down-- in Churchill's phrase, "either at your throat or at your knees." Not so bitchin' without his backup, now that the people he's disdained for six years have veto and subpoena power.

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