Baby Bats

Here are orphaned baby fruit bats from an animal rescue center in Queensland, Australia. I met a fruit bat once, an Egyptian charmer named Indy, Stella Luna brought to life: affectionate, and (I was told) long-lived and almost as smart as a cat, fond of hanging from his mistress' shirtfront and nuzzling in her long blonde hair. Even the alien-looking Little Brown bat she'd rescued, too injured to be released in the wild, responded to treats and affection and both bats invented a game: clinging to a towel draped over a ceiling fan and spinning until they flew away drunk, a kind of bat merry-go round.


John Martin said...

If I were a fruit-bat, I would like a merry-go-round. Though that wouldn't be what caused me to fly away drunk.

Jef said...

Who would have thought bats could be so cute wrapped in blankets, sucking on tiny pacifiers?