Remember What Groucho Said About Military Intelligence?

In both inner city and rural schools, there are always failing students who plan on escaping as soon as possible to embark on criminal careers. (In the inner city, where minors were used to run crack cocaine, they often flashed more money from their pockets than I had). Here's a practical question: why would someone who can't make it through an American high school, the Barney the Dinosaur of learning, think they have any talent as a criminal mastermind? Rural Michigan saves on 4th of July fireworks by watching the meth labs blow up-- why would someone who failed high school chemistry try manufacturing pharmaceuticals? More in sorrow than in anger, my advice to the amoral is practical, not judgmental: "I might not object to you being a criminal if you weren't so bad at it."
And why did a Utah National Guard officer, Captain Jeffrey Porter of the 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion (sic) think he could join the whisper campaign against Barack Obama without getting caught?
The Army Times and Snopes (Hidey, Flem!) have exposed the fraud, and The Salt Lake Tribune has a follow-up on the apparent source of the spam.
Americans who vote on the basis of viral emails deserve whatever government they get, but sadly the rest of us are tied to these morons. In a better world, you'd expect the McCain campaign to renounce these dirty tricks, but McCain himself has already gone over the line of verbal shame with "Apparently Senator Obama, who does not understand what’s happening in Iraq or fails to acknowledge the success in Iraq, would rather lose a war than lose a campaign”-- not once, but three times in one day.
There is nothing in John McCain's record-- despite protestations about "honor"-- to suggest that McCain will grow a conscience. He could still win this thing.


John Martin said...

Well, obviously there are a few of us out there who managed to survive Barney the Retarded Dinosaur with our ability to think intact. I feel like you and I have trod noble paths, but perhaps there are those quiet geniuses who simply decide that crime is their outlet for brilliance.

I doubt what I have just written so much that I am tempted not to post it, but it was nice to think that it was true for a moment.

Jim H. said...

The truly frustrating thing about most crooks is their ability to deceive themselves into thinking they can successfully deceive others. They think they're smarter than the rest of us squares. They are like gambling addicts, convinced that the next one will be the big score. And sometimes, it is, which only feeds the addiction.

The Pentagon shows some of these symptoms...