If Education Was a Business, I Could Throw Back Half the Students

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  • ".... Cultures put their resources, including their best and brightest, into whatever they think is most important. For a while, churches and cathedrals dominate the landscape; then the palaces of government, courthouses and legislatures. Nowadays the largest and grandest buildings are those belonging to the great financial powers-- and the sports arenas they name after themselves. Now take a look at the schools..."
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    Anonymous said...

    Thank goodness education is NOT a business. Unforunately too that skill level is not taught or appreciated in many businesses --I can get a Mexican and pay him cheap!!! A Master Carpenter would know what to do with a lot of the defects and so would not be wasteful of the wood provided. (How to hide those knots, straighten that warp, and compensate for that missing edge).
    I know because I fix a lot of the
    stuff that comes into the schools -not that I am a master, oops I do have one)-the kid that can't sit still, the angry foster child, the hearing impaired and blind, the cerebral palsy kids who can't talk but can sign. I agree that parents are falling down in their responsibilities to children--but a lot of them don't know what to do or how to fix it inbetween working double shifts on the job.
    Do you contact the counselor or the occupational therapist for assistance? Sometimes it just takes one look to recommend a fix.
    Do you read the school records for each kid--?? or just accept what you see in the classroom?

    I agree that poor attitudes take a lot more fixin, but it can be done when given the time.

    Smile, Dee Ann the Occupational Therapist