New Novel! Birth Announcement for PANDORA'S BASEMENT

Just finshed:

PANDORA'S BASEMENT, a dark contemporary fantasy by Michael Fountain

Carpenter Joseph Snow, end of a long line of Michigan shop rats, inherits a “haunted” house from his Great-Uncle Jack. Jack was a mover and shaker in the world outside of Motor City, an intelligence officer who took over the occult practices of Nazi prisoners.

The forgotten house holds the secret of Project Demiurge, a witches’ brew of black magic, mass psychology and modern advertising. Demiurge has the power to alter reality, and a strange parade of characters— a charming war criminal, a senator, and a sinister Chilean— want their hands on it.

Joe wants no part of this, until a stolen child and a sexy librarian-- who may or may not be one of the mythical Furies-- force Joe to turn loose the angry ghosts of Demiurge…

PANDORA'S BASEMENT now begins the anguished process of looking for a publisher. The painting shown is "Orestes Pursued by the Furies" by Bourguerau, my initial choice of cover art.

The novel contains:
a ghost story set in Flint, Michigan
a novelist's response to the September 11th attacks
a look at the "secret history" of the United States
a meditation on parenthood and loss
a virtuous stripper against American pharisees
a corgi dog and a house rabbit
an anguished carpenter reshaping the world (what, THAT again?)
an apology for murders I didn't commit

... and who knows what else?

Suggestions for publishers and agents welcome.

PANDORA'S BASEMENT is copyright 2005 by Michael Fountain, or

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