“They said I was protesting. I said, ‘Read my shirt, it is not a protest.’ They said, ‘We consider that a protest.’ I said, ‘Then you are an idiot.’”

Nope, it's not Cindy Sheehan this time. It's Beverly Young, wife of Republican Representative C.W. Bill Young from St. Petersburg. She was ejected from the gallery during the State of the Union address for wearing a T-shirt that said, "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom".

In case you didn't know, Cindy Sheehan was cuffed and booked the same night for wearing a t-shirt in the gallery that said "2245 Dead. How many more?"

Sheehan was an invited guest of Rep. Lynn Woolsey, a California Beverly Young's husband is chairman of the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee. The Capitol Police have apologized to both.

And who are these craven assbandits, so afraid that someone might be offended by words and ideas? Maybe they were from the same litter that spawned the current Joint Chiefs of Staff who so bravely sent a letter of protest about a cartoon by Tom Toles? They tolerate that MacNamara retread Rumsfeld, but an ink drawing is too much for them?

I hate the kind of cops who jump like trained Alsatians to please their masters by beating down dissent. These are not reluctant cops enforcing ambiguous law. These are the guys who killed Becket because it would please Henry the Second, the crackers who busted black heads for George Wallace, who jumped to cover up Justice's nipple for John Ashcroft, the shitbirds who outed Valerie Plame because of something her husband said. They've probably got a fetish website of their own, where Gareth from "The Office" has masturbation fantasies about handcuffing women in potentially disruptive t-shirts.

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