Oolong, a Bunny with a Pancake on His Head

"The rabbit of this day was observed this way." "Oolong" the much loved Japanese house rabbit, has gone gentle into the night at the age of 8 years, 5 months and some days, in the arms of his master, Hironori Akutagawa of Hokkaido Japan.

Around 1997, Mr. Akutagawa started recording Oolong's day on his web site for friends and neighbors. When dozing, the patient and trusting Oolong would tolerate small objects being balanced on his head, an idle amusement for many house rabbit owners. The editors at Syberpunk, a collection of Japanese culture, added a caption to Oolong wearing a Japanese dorayaki on his head, and visits to Oolong's site went from a few hundred to millions.

Oolong, "Black Dragon" (I don't know if he was named for the dragon or for the popular tea of the same name), will be remembered by his young house-mate Yuebing ("Mooncake") and friends in 25 countries.

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