And I’m Proud to be an Tuvalan, Where at Least I (blub)...

Shooting a lawyer was the best thing Cheney could have done for his career last week. It distracted the country from the Pillar accusations about Cheney and the Irag invasion, and the Libby accusations about Cheney and the Plame affair.

So I now live in a country that almost brought down a president for lying about sex, but won't impeach an administration guilty of subverting the constitution, leaking intelligence for political advantage, and sacrificing more than 2,000 soldiers in a vanity war because monstrous egos ignored expert advice.

Maybe this isn't America. Maybe I'm a Tuvalan . I live in a country that's sinking into the ocean, and the United States Congress isn't doing a damn thing about it.


Anonymous said...

Ignore that man behind the curtain.
Look over here --not there. etc.
I think that the game has gone on long enough. How much longer do we have to play? Sigh, Dee Ann

Ormondroyd's Encyclopedia Esoterica said...

... Until Toto finishes pulling back the curtain, I guess.