A foundation calling itself "We the People" have sponsored first one, then almost 100, and, they hope, 1000 protestors dressed as the Alan Moore character "V" to appear on the streets of Washington DC next year. They wish to present petitions asking for a "redress of grievances" from the government, calling attention to the gross offenses committed against the Constitution by our current government.

This is what happens after fifty years of civics, history and the odious "social studies" teachers whose primary focus is on coaching sports:
".... Some people were interested in conversing with “V,” including a group of 6-10 college age young people who were waiting in a line to tour the Capitol. During the conversation, “V” said he wanted to quiz them on their knowledge of the Rights covered by the First Amendment. “V” asked if they could name the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. Two or three immediately said “Speech.” After a moment or two one said, “Worship God.” “V” restated that freedom for the young man. Then another said “Guns.” “V” corrected him. That was as far as the young people could go in answering the question. “V” then engaged the young people in a discussion of all five of the freedoms and the four outstanding Petitions for Redress. The young people stayed with the conversation, expressing an interest in learning more, until they had to move along in the line."

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Anonymous said...

It is sad when the students get more from watching the "History Channel" from cable TV then from attending classes. (And the students are realizing this...)
Where are the teachers who want to teach? Did they all go into special education???? Is the paperwork weighing them all down....? Sigh, Dee Ann