Senator, Sycophant, Apologist, Torture Victim, Keating Five Member, Campaign Reformer, Flatterer of Princes

I puzzled over John McCain's smile, until I realized why it seems so familiar: that's William B. Williams, John Candy's show business sycophant from The Sammy Maudlin Show on SCTV. Are these new friends, Falwell and Bush and Rove, what three generations of his family fought for?

Now McCain's campaign is in trouble and the "Straight Talk Express", a creation of journalists' wishful thinking, is reduced to a tatty carnival.

He might have been a happier man if, instead of becoming an apologist for some of the worst people in America, he had remembered the words attributed to Hollywood writer Henry Slesar: "Success in Hollywood is like climbing to the top of a mountain of manure to pluck one perfect rose-- only to discover that you've lost your sense of smell."

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Anonymous said...

He just doesn't have the support he thought he would----people in Arizona are tired of being labeled #50 when it comes to education. The money is not there and people are complaining that he is not doing his job because he is too busy campaigning. ----Too wise, too late.
Sigh, Dee Ann (living in Arizona)