"It's a minor compulsion. I can control it if I want."

In a freakish attack of organization, I've been obsessively listing my books at Library Thing. This will lend aid and comfort to insurance types and make the development of my mind an open, well, you know, not counting the how-to books, porn stash, emotional trauma and sharp blows from behind driving my skull into the ceramic tile. Library Thing lets you search, click and list more than 200 books for free and then 10 bucks for as many as you want.
I am as nosy about what books people have on their shelves as a fetishist in an underwear drawer, so I encourage my friends and acquaintances here and abroad to check it out. The Library Thing, I mean, not the underwear drawer, unless there's been a profound change in our relationship of which I was unaware.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Way Cool!
Very addicting and I've only had time to put in one room's books.
Sigh, Dee Ann