Buddy Bolden, Pray for Us Sinners

I'm working on a story about Buddy Bolden for Twilight Tales' annual Mardi Gras show, coming up January 28th in Chicago. Along the way I found an Australian band, The Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra, that meticulously researches and tries its best to reproduce the sound of Bolden's band, never heard by living ears. Bolden is generally considered by everyone (except a proprietory Jelly Roll Morton) to be the "Father of Jazz", but he was hospitalized for schizophrenia in 1907 before he ever recorded, and died there in 1931.

Click on the song titles to play. May I commend to you the most excellent "Funky Butt", kept in memory by the ragtime guitarist Mississippi John Hurt, and developed by the Bolden band from an older dance tune they called "Doing the Ping Pong" .

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike! Nice to see you on the blogosphere.

I'm afraid I'm going to have "Funky Butt" stuck in my head all day. Hilarious, especially in an Australian accent. Sure does complete one's musical education...

Feel free to send an e-mail and/or stop by http://anaconcordia.blogspot.com/ You'll find mine a familiar and friendly face.

Michael Fountain: Blood for Ink said...

It is good to hear from you, and will nuhdge my other friends (in particular Lewis, who has the most educated ear, and Jef, who needs incidental music for his films) over to your music page to hear you play the harpsichord plainte and others.
The best version of "Funky Butt" to have stuck in your head is Mississippi John Hurt's on Vanguard, with gentle ragtime guitar and wry humor.
What frightens me is the unspoken possibility that you found this site not through searching google for keywords like dashing boulavadier, but funky butt.