Poor Butterfly Continues to Astound

The Captain Renault Awards (don't bother to Google, I made them up) have almost always gone to a Republican, if not a salaried member of this administration, but this time...! Now... a surprise winner of the Captain Renault "I'm Shocked! Shocked!" Award for Sheer Brazenness, Gall, Audacity and Butter-Wouldn't Melt in My mouth Denial of Objective Reality...

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her outriders now claim that Barack Obama is the "establishment" candidate, and she herself is the anti-establishment insurgent. Close your mouth, gentle reader, before the flies get in. I was just as astonished at her audacity; (ga-kak) I think I swallowed a bug.

It is absolutely true that Hillary-bashing has brought out the strange misogyny lurking beneath the suits and ties in mass media, as with the David Schuster vileness, and the just plain weird stuff scurrying around behind the eyeballs over at the RNC-- but now Hillary's defenders are going off the rails, as in Robin Morgan's argument that not voting for Hillary equates with hatred of women in general.

I hope that this casting of herself as upstart rebel against Old White Man Obama is laughed into oblivion, and Clinton stops "framing the issues" like a Rove Republican. There are objective reasons why we will not vote for Hillary Clinton as president, while wishing her all the best as a leader of the Senate. There are objective reasons why I support Barack Obama: his experience as a teacher of Constitutional Law and community activist, the ability to perceive ambiguity expressed in his memoirs, his childhood exposure to a variety of cultures. Charisma doesn't enter into it until I have to ask if he's electable in November. The Republicans are scared pissless of him. If the Democrats lose this November election by insisting on Hillary Clinton, the most divisive nominee since the Republicans nominated Goldwater in 1964, they will move beyond the Captain Renault Award to having their names inscribed next to George Bush himself and the city fathers of Troy on the not-so-coveted Monkey Fucking a Football Terminally Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition Award.

"Your explanation depresses me," I said.
nonsense depresses me," said Simple.
-- Langston Hughes

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