I've been an Obama supporter since reading "The Phenomenon" a New York Review profile, and find it appalling that so many of the numbnuts appearing on television as "Obama supporters" are unable to articulate why they support him, or list the items in his resume that make him a better choice than Clinton II or John "Pauly Walnuts" McCain. "How about explicitly promises to restore habeas corpus, close Guantanamo, and ban torture, to start? How about Professor of Constitutional Law for ten years at University of Chicago law school, chosen as president of the Harvard Law Review as a student? How about community organizer and civil rights lawyer instead of attorney for Tyson Chicken and Wal-Mart, or dropping bombs from an expensive airplane on people in a distant land at the behest of Lyndon Johnson? That's just before entering politics, ese!" I don't want to see Obama supporters become lock-step framers and spinners, but would it kill them to learn the man's curriculum vitae?

For all my bemused exasperation with the magical thinking fluttering around Obama, I still find the promises made at ObamaWill.com very funny.

Hillary Clinton, love her or hate her or express complete indifference to her, would almost certainly lose the general election to the Republicans-- while BARACK OBAMA WILL HELP YOU PICK OUT NEW FURNITURE FOR YOUR DEN.

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Anonymous said...

What I keep hearing in AZ is that he is a Muslim --better than being a Mormon I tell them!!! Why don't people check out the rumors instead of wanting to believe them. I think the other worry is that he is black// very few blacks in AZ especially up North!
I tell them --you know he is really gray and does it really matter??
And let's not even talk about the mistreatment of the Asians ---let them work for the railroad and them lock them up and starve them too death!!!
I can't go into a certain restaurant in Kirkland, the Karma is haunting cause a group died in the basement!!!Argh!!
What a nasty history they have in this state of mistreating any one who is different!!!
Dee Ann (living in the wild, wild West)