Merry Christmas Eve

A Merry Christmas from little Liam James Norbeck, professional nephew, born December 15, 2005 to Colleen Carol and Dan Norbeck. This is his first meeting with his eccentric relatives, the ones that live in a petting zoo. Eyes responding to mother and father's voices. Grandfather Jim and Uncle Michael with tears in their eyes. Our Phoebe's littermate, Boss Hogg known as Bossie, is shown curled up with the family and accomodating herself to the new baby. Their brother, Professor Bobo, has had to cope with a move and a baby in the same week, and is being verklempt elsewhere in the new house.

I hold to the conceit that animals talk at midnight, and probably deliver messages that show them to be better Christians than the rest of us, excepting of course for Liam. I shall miss their moment of speech again, being at midnight mass to seek the mystery buried underneath the human madness of the world. I leave to them to articulate a proper message of animal wisdom. From Cleo, Fanny, Luna, Phoebe, Doc, Pig, Bossie, Professor Bobo, and from their cousins Rhonda, Twyla, Whisper, Teresa, Shortie, and Tubby. Best to Tank and June, who is not a dog but a hirsute Mexican acrobat. Also Iggy, Maia, and kitten Louise who is no longer the smallest one in the family. Eat. Sleep. Love. Play. No Harm.

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Anonymous said...

A late merry Christmas to all from Tank and the Mexican acrobat.