Art by Frank Quitely

From left to right: Death, Destiny, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Delirium and Despair, the cast of Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series as drawn by the artist Frank Quitely.

I first saw Quitely's work on "New X-Men", where bless him, he took most of the cast off steroids, made Scott "Slim" Summers again, and gave Emma Frost the cheekbones of my 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Anderson.

Quitely's art and Grant Morrison's script for the anti-vivisection story "We3" was so wrenching that I had to keep it from my friends. It is correctly described as a 'heartbreaking adventure', and I still can't forgive Morrison for the brave death of Pirate-- doubly painful for those of us who know how aggressive and plucky a rabbit can be-- can he not be saved?

All this is to lead you art junkies to Drawn: the Illustration Blog, from there to Horhaus and a podcast of an interview with Frank Quitely at his studio in Glasgow. Friendly shop talk for working artists and a Glaswegian accent for everyone else.

See also "Signifying Monkey" (anti-cruelty story), Fantasy Artists, Children of Fortune, Bill Griffith et alia

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